Our second son Benedikt was born premature. We nurtured him with a lot of love, warmth and comfort.

However, the biggest challenge of all was allowing him healthy, deep sleep on a daily basis. Benedikt or ‘Benni’ was a very restless baby.

The advice of our grandmother changed everything. Her suggestion: put Benni into the drawer of our old wooden dresser made of Arolla pine. We did just that and he slept deeply and peacefully for the first time. You see, Arolla pine is an alpine pine known for it’s healthy attributes and sleep-promoting components.

We decided to share this valuable experience with others and developed a modern, mobile bed made of Arolla pine.
We called it Benni’s Nest after our son and are convinced that it will help many more baby’s find deep and healthy sleep and, perhaps, a couple of restful hours for their parents.

Nicole & Stephan Pröll