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Set mini bed NATUR, incl. mattress + pine fan CUBE mini II

The BENNI’S NEST mini bed set gives children a secure slumber up to the age of 4. The mini bed made of pine wood comes in a set with the matching mattress and is delivered fully assembled. In addition to the fixed slatted frame, the set also includes a raised slatted frame, which helps parents to put their child to bed even more gently.

The set includes:

  • Mini bed made of pine wood (70 x 125 cm), "color" Natural (untreated pine wood)
  • Mini bed mattress natural (70 x 125 cm)
  • Slatted frame insert for adjusting the lying height (approx. 35cm below - 60cm above)
  • ZirbenLüfter ® CUBE mini II

About the ZirbenLüfter® CUBE mini II:

  • increases air humidity and indoor climate
  • reduces air pollutants, bacteria and unpleasant odors
  • natural, untreated, hand-processed pine wood from Austria
  • latest fan technology with 9 different light colors (can be controlled via remote control)
  • unique air movement principle modeled on nature
  • optimal for aromatherapy
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Clean wooden slats with water and replace every 2-3 years; Porcelain evaporator container is dishwasher safe
  • low power consumption max 2-7 W/h
  • Dimensions: 17.5x17.5cm, 14cm high
  • Weight: 3 kg
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customer testimonials

Our Anna loves her sleeping place, such a cozy little nest and this wonderful scent! During the day she is always in the middle of family events with her 3 siblings and is still protected and in peace. We would buy this fine stone pine bed again and again... and the bed is really great as a cradle




I tried the WiesenTopper Mint and I am absolutely thrilled! The fresh scent of mint and lemon balm helped me sleep soundly in no time. The mattress topper feels very soft and comfortable and I was able to adjust to it with ease.


The mini bed is the perfect size for my daughter (3 years old) and she sleeps very well. I also really appreciate that the bed is made of pine wood, which makes for a nice scent.


I bought the new mini bed and already love it, even though it's not "in use" yet! The high-quality material and the precise workmanship can be seen, smelled and felt. I particularly appreciated the transparent communication and the excellent, personal customer service of the manufacturer. I give it the highest score! Dear Mr. Proell, I wish you and your family all the best and thank you very much!


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