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Your path to harmonious baby sleep from sleep consultant Katharina Steiner

Creating a dormitory home

Nothing is as important to new parents as the sleeping habits of their little offspring. This magical time of the baby's first year is usually characterized by dark circles under the eyes, endless tiredness and periods of waking at night that remind you of many club visits from times gone by. And sooner or later everyone asks themselves this one question: “When will my baby finally sleep through the night?”

From personal experience – to advice

From personal experience – to advice

My name is Katharina Steiner and I am a certified consultant for holistic baby and child sleep. I live with my husband, our one and a half year old son Henry, and our cat Frieda in a farm house in the 3rd district of Vienna.
My little son was actually the reason why I became so fond of healthy baby sleep - because I was also caught off guard: after a few weeks of idyllic peace, suddenly there were the dreaded sleepless nights. Breastfeeding in piecework, followed by a sleep accompaniment that was more like a CrossFit session.

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The search for answers and instinct as a compass

The search for answers and instinct as a compass

In my search for answers, I turned to those around me, only to be met with an overwhelming flood of well-intentioned advice that often left more questions than answers. The world talks so much, so diversely, so differently about baby sleep.

Far too often I received tips like: “If you react too quickly, the baby will never learn to sleep alone” or “It’s time for your baby to get his own bed, otherwise he will sleep with you forever.”

I felt unsettled, almost isolated, as I still chose to ignore this advice and instead trust my instincts.

Today I know that I was absolutely not alone, because like me there are many mothers and fathers who no longer want to listen to outdated advice and accompany their child to sleep in a bond-oriented and loving manner - without withdrawing closeness.

The view of science & the key to success

The view of science & the key to success

The specialist society has now also taken a clear position. It confirms what our hearts have been telling us for a long time: our babies need security, protection and love. They carry the legacy of our ancestors and respond to the world around them with a strong will to survive.

When babies are carried close to the breast, this means for the newborn: security, assured food intake and protection from temperature fluctuations and dangers - this applies today as it did back then and is programmed into our genetic material. Each baby's individuality determines the level of security they seek and need until their nervous system can relax and they can fall asleep with peace of mind.

Here it is up to us to be sensitive and patient with parents, because it is precisely this emotional security that is the key to healthy sleep.

Studies such as those by Feldman & Eidelman (2007) also show that skin-to-skin contact and parental responsiveness to promptly recognize needs not only strengthens the feeling of attachment, but also has a positive influence on sleep behavior.

Protection and security are the foundation for deep, restful sleep and the quickest way to get the sleep you dream about.

Because only from deep basic trust and the knowledge that mom and dad are always there for you, both during the day and at night, can an independent, autonomous being emerge that can be alone without feeling lonely.

It takes a village to raise a child.

It takes a village to raise a child.

However, this poses a major challenge for many families, as living conditions and family structures are constantly changing compared to before.
The traditional “village” that helps with childcare is usually not present and so the entire burden falls on two or even just one person. That's why it's all the more important, especially in the first baby year, to create a well-structured safety net and to pack a knowledge suitcase full of experiences, tips and tricks on how to give a child as much safety and security as possible without sacrificing your own self-care neglect.
Because a satisfied mother remains and is the greatest gift for the development of every child.
Right here, on this special journey of being a mom, I want to support and encourage you to listen to what matters: your mother voice.

Healthy baby sleep is a matter close to my heart and I am happy to pass on all my knowledge to encourage you and your family in small and important actions, so that there is room for relaxation again and regular sleep can find its way back to you.

“Children cannot be spoiled by giving them too much of what they really need.”

Jesper Juul


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