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BENNI'S NEST Voucher (Online)

Give gentle sleep
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Whether for a handmade pine bed or cuddly sleeping accessories: With BENNI'S NEST vouchers, you give parents soothing, deep sleep for their child as a gift.

Give them as loving attention to the birth, to the baby party or to give new parents a special treat.

You can get our practical vouchers from 20-500€ directly in the online shop.

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customer testimonials

Our Anna loves her sleeping place, such a cozy little nest and this wonderful scent! During the day she is always in the middle of family events with her 3 siblings and is still protected and in peace. We would buy this fine stone pine bed again and again... and the bed is really great as a cradle




5 / 5

I tried the WiesenTopper Mint and I am absolutely thrilled! The fresh scent of mint and lemon balm helped me sleep soundly in no time. The mattress topper feels very soft and comfortable and I was able to adjust to it with ease.


5 / 5

The mini bed is the perfect size for my daughter (3 years old) and she sleeps very well. I also really appreciate that the bed is made of pine wood, which makes for a nice scent.


5 / 5

I bought the new mini bed and already love it, even though it's not "in use" yet! The high-quality material and the precise workmanship can be seen, smelled and felt. I particularly appreciated the transparent communication and the excellent, personal customer service of the manufacturer. I give it the highest score! Dear Mr. Proell, I wish you and your family all the best and thank you very much!


5 / 5

The perfect initial equipment for babies
What do you give at birth?

Baptism, baby shower, birth: the perfect gifts for new parents

A new life is one of the best reasons to celebrate – and to give. With a voucher from BENNI'S NEST you can give young moms and dads a deep and sound slumber for their little darling or a relaxed parent's sleep for themselves. Because with practical and beautiful BENNI'S NEST gift vouchers, young parents can choose the ideal gift according to their own needs: whether cuddly soft initial equipment for the baby, salvaged pine wood baby bed or aromatic WiesenTopper® for the parents' bed. With a gift voucher from BENNI'S NEST, young parents and little dreamers always get what really counts: deep, sound sleep.

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For which BENNI'S NEST products can the voucher be redeemed?

BENNI'S NEST gift vouchers can be redeemed for our entire product range: from our pine beds and natural mattresses for babies and children, to soft bed linen and cozy sleeping accessories, to aromatic WiesenToppers® for adults.

How long are BENNI'S NEST vouchers valid?

BENNI'S NEST vouchers are valid indefinitely from the time of purchase. However, we recommend redeeming them as soon as possible after receiving them - because when it comes to deep, sound sleep, every night counts.

How much can I buy BENNI'S NEST vouchers?

BENNI'S NEST vouchers are available in values ​​of €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500. This gives you complete flexibility when giving gifts: from small, loving gestures to a gift for an important occasion.

Can I give away BENNI'S NEST vouchers?

Yes, our vouchers are transferable and make wonderful gifts: whether for a birth, baby shower, christening, back to school, birthday or as a classic Christmas present. And because deep, sound sleep is good for all ages, you can really make everyone happy with BENNI'S NEST vouchers: babies, children and adults.

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