Especially when furnishing a baby or children's room, great importance is attached to the materials used and their freedom from harmful substances.

Environmentally conscious children's furniture

Benni's Nest children's beds are manufactured in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Austrian eco-label in the Waldviertel/Lower Austria. The soothing smell and the calming effect of the stone pine make the wood of this special tree our material of choice.

Local stone pine

For the production of our children's beds, only local and completely untreated pine wood is used. Untreated wood is a living raw material that is in constant exchange with its environment. Depending on the humidity, the pine wood can change slightly, but this is by no means a defect.

Stone pine: The sustainable raw material for healthy children's bedrooms

Swiss stone pine is a unique raw material and is becoming increasingly popular in the manufacture of children's furniture, especially beds. The wood of the pine tree not only has a pleasant look, but also a pleasant smell and a calming effect on the human organism. Pine wood is therefore particularly suitable for making beds that promote healthy and restful sleep. In addition, pine wood is a sustainable and natural material that grows in Austria and other Alpine regions and is often harvested under strict environmental standards.


Our children's beds do not require any special care, it is sufficient to wipe them with a soft, damp cloth from time to time, after which you will be rewarded with a large portion of the scent of pine

Pine meets linoleum

A dream team that fulfills furnishing dreams and gives you healthy sleep: To make our natural pine wood beds even more individual, they can be finished in calm colors made from 100% linoleum. This environmentally friendly material is made from natural raw materials and, like pine wood, is antibacterial, easy to care for and velvety-soft on the skin.

Benni's Nest Babybett als Spieltisch

More than sustainability

BENNI'S NEST stands for high-quality materials that are obtained with respect for people and nature and lovingly processed by hand. For us, producing sustainably also means thinking about what happens to our baby and children's beds when the little ones have outgrown their nest. That's why the beds are designed so that you can easily convert them - giving them new life as a bedside table, toy box or sofa.


The stone pine or "Queen of the Alps" is a plant species from the pine family. It is distributed in the continental Central Alpine region. The trees can grow up to 25 meters high and up to 1,000 years old. The lively pattern of the wood is characteristic and the beneficial effect is particularly appreciated.

Sleeping in a metal-free stone pine bed can also prevent sensitivity to the weather. This is also scientifically proven. Despite the change in air pressure, the circuit remains stable.


For a very long time, stone pine has been said to have a positive effect on sleep. Scientists from the research company "Johanneum Research in Weiz" have researched the positive properties of stone pine and have actually achieved positive results. We only use local pine wood for our unique baby and children's beds.


The fact that stone pine has an antibacterial effect was researched at the University of Salzburg. In a room with very high humidity, no viable bacteria can be detected after 12 to 14 hours on the stone pine. In addition, pine wood has a pest-inhibiting effect.

Our baby bed can be wonderfully transformed into a side table. We like to store our children's bedding
in there.

Pine wood and sleep: The most important answers at a glance

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