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Off to bed

Who doesn't know it, the clock hand is approaching bedtime and the offspring are busier than ever. The tower still has to be built, the drawing still needs to be finished and suddenly there is great hunger and even greater thirst around the corner. And when the children are finally in their beds, you can hear a small voice saying: "But I can't fall asleep."

In addition to the scent of pine and the protective form of our organic children's bed, we have a few additional tips so that your children get the deep and restful sleep they need to be fit and active for the next day, to start their next adventure.

Of course, the following recommendations are not a guarantee or panacea that the lights will be out at 7 p.m. every evening. Because even children sometimes just can't fall asleep because they're busy, because the day was exciting and exhausting or because they can't find any rest. On days like this, it's important to take a deep breath and just be there. The next evening will be better again.

Fresh air and exercise

A lot of exercise in the fresh air ensures the necessary weight in bed in the evening. Actually a very simple trick. The smaller the children, the more exercise and fresh air this automatically means for the parents. But let's be honest, since we have children, the lack of weight in bed has actually been a thing of the past.

The children's room - a place of relaxation

Freshly aired, tidy and darkened and, of course, ideally in the middle of it all Children's bed made of pine wood - in such a children's room you can sleep well and deeply and find peace.

Constant digital networking should stop at the door to the children's room at the latest. In a bedroom, whether for children or adults, nothing should ring, beep, light up or flash. The children's room is also not the right place for a television.

Kinderbett aus Zirbenholz

End the day...

The night doesn't just start in the evening. It makes sense to make sure to stick to a certain schedule in the afternoon and not to put the child in their pajamas until they are far too tired and actually don't have the energy to change themselves.

Of course, at a late hour it is no longer possible to satisfy all of the children's wishes, for example if they really want to finish the game they have started. But you can choose an intermediate step together, find an optimal time to interrupt and prepare everything as best as possible so that you can continue again the next day. This shows the children something very important - they and their needs are taken seriously, and even if they have to follow a certain routine and schedule, they have a right to have a say.

So it can help to tidy up together, plan for tomorrow and end the day together.

Kinderbetten aus Zirbenholz


Rituals provide security, orientation and convey security. A recurring sleep ritual can be very helpful in finding the way to a deep and restful sleep.

In addition to the classic bedtime story, this can also be a massage, a song or a cuddling or conversation ritual. How about thinking together in the evening what was particularly nice that day and recording it in a diary. For the children who can't write yet, mom and dad simply take care of it and in a few years they will keep the diary themselves.

It would also be a nice idea to put together a bedtime treasure chest together with the child. Inside there is music, stories, a scented massage oil, the diary, a cuddly toy... From this treasure, the child can then choose daily how they would like to end the day.

Four – Seven – Eight – Goodnight

A particularly effective relaxation exercise that is suitable for older children as well as adults is the 4-7-8 method. You simply take 4 seconds to breathe in through your nose, then hold your breath for 7 seconds and let your breath flow out through your mouth for over 8 seconds. This exercise is repeated three times - provided you don't fall asleep beforehand. This method simply helps you focus all your attention on breathing and pauses the carousel of thoughts. If you want to know more about this sleep method, just google Dr. Because 4-7-8.


Sometimes children still need someone to help them fall asleep, even if they can fall asleep on their own and want to most of the time.

“Children can do a lot themselves, but they can’t do a lot on their own.”

Jesper Juul

Jesper Juul

This sentence from the well-known family therapist also applies to falling asleep.

The calmer you stay, the calmer your children will become too, because they are a mercilessly honest mirror that is held up to us again and again. availability, style, or even provide a review.

When the little and even older adventurers slip tiredly into their pine beds , knowing that there is still time to cuddle a little, they can share the thoughts that are currently occupying their minds and help them in these hectic and exciting times Having a safe place to rest must feel wonderful. And again every evening.

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