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Loving father-baby bond “in sleep”

These sleep tips will help with father-child bonding

Dad is the greatest – from the very first moment. But unlike mothers, who form a close bond with their child during pregnancy, fathers only fully develop their relationship with their baby after birth. Fixed routines and rituals around falling asleep can have a valuable influence on daddy-baby bonding. In this blog we give tips on how the father-child relationship can be lovingly strengthened when it comes to sleeping. So dad and little one can glide gently into dreamland.

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Create a protective atmosphere

Creating a feeling of security and safety is the basis for deep sleep for children. Because babies will only sleep soundly where they feel comfortable. With soft lighting, cozy blankets and a comfortable room temperature, fathers can create an environment in which their baby feels safe and can leave the day behind them.

In addition to the bedroom, the bed in particular should offer security. That's why BENNI'S NEST baby beds have a unique, rounded shape. This not only makes them timelessly beautiful, but also gives them a protective aura. Particularly soothing: the delicate pine wood scent of the bed, which allows the baby to go to sleep with all of their senses.

Establish loving rituals and structures

Establish loving rituals and structures

Fixed rituals before bedtime create a clear structure in babies' daily routine. The usual routines also ensure that the little ones get tired after a while when it's time to go to sleep. Such rituals between dad and child can not only create valuable moments of connection, they also ensure inner peace for the baby and promote trust. Because the child learns that he can rely on common fixed points with his dad.

Bedtime rituals can be designed very individually: Some fathers bathe their babies, others sing a lullaby, read a bedtime story, give a gentle baby massage or take an evening walk with their darling. It is important that the routine feels consistent and natural for dads so that this positive feeling can also be passed on to the child.

Initial equipment set
Physical contact and gentle closeness

Physical contact and gentle closeness

Loving touch is an exceptionally powerful tool in father-child bonding. Because holding the baby, rocking it in your arms or placing it on your own chest while kangarooing literally gives the child the feeling of being “held” by dad, in addition to affection. Dads can also wrap their child in a soft cloth diaper or baby blanket: when they cuddle together, the fabric takes on Dad's familiar smell and provides comfort all night long as a companion in the baby's crib. Parents who want to keep their child particularly close to them at night can try co-sleeping. The baby sleeps in the same bed as its parents, which sustainably strengthens basic trust.

BENNI'S TIP: When co-sleeping, a fabric baby nest in the parents' bed can help give baby and dad the space they need.

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Self-care and daddy sleep

Self-care and daddy sleep

Becoming a dad is a big life change that brings with it many new things in a short period of time. Even the most grounded person can lose their balance. By making sure that new dads get enough quality sleep themselves, they are more rested, more patient and better able to be there for their baby.

With its soothing aroma, the BENNI'S NEST WiesenTopper® can be a valuable helper for a good night's sleep. The 100% natural mattress topper is simply rolled out onto the existing mattress. Body heat releases sleep-promoting essential oils in the filling of the mattress topper. Whether classic wild herb filling, organic mint and lemon balm or French organic lavender flowers : Dads sleep relaxed, deeply and soundly here.



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