Today: gynecologist Dr. Alexander Just

We are always very happy when we can talk to experts about our favorite topic, baby and child sleep.

Dr. Alexander Just

Name: Dr. Alexander Just
Wish child ordination

Why did you decide to become a gynecologist? Was it always your career dream?
To be honest, this field was never my dream, but as is the case with many things, one thing led to another and I still find gynecology very interesting to this day. The subject in general, the women, the complexity of hormones and my main topic of fertility assessment and therapy awaken my enthusiasm every day.

What do you love so much about your job?
My job is my life - I'm probably one of the few people who really enjoy going to work. Although a bit of routine has certainly developed over the years, my enthusiasm remains unbroken. The couples that I look after in the Wish Child Ordinance also feel this.

What tips do you have for pregnant women, especially during this time of Covid-19?
Breastfeeding is possible with a mask - if the mother is infected, be careful in front of the stool of newborns and children who tested positive - the virus has been detected in newborns and small children 6 weeks after recovery.

Of course, if mothers or newborns test positive, you must ensure the highest level of hygiene! Breastfeeding is also possible in this case, but the infected mother should wear a mask. In newborns and small children, the virus can still be detected 6 weeks after recovery. Therefore, you should be very careful when changing diapers and handling stools.

Many pregnant women understandably have concerns, especially about the birth and the postpartum period. Can these fears be assuaged somewhat?
All experts emphasize that children and pregnant women are not part of the risk profile. But in the case of an infection that may require antiviral therapy, this therapy would certainly have consequences for mother and child. Therefore, you should always take the usual protective measures into account! Limiting the spread is a top priority, which is why I recommend regular hand disinfection, wearing mouth and nose protection, observing distance rules, increasing hygiene and reducing social contacts.

You've been recommending Benni's Nest for some time. Why? What do you think makes it special?
The Benni's Nest baby bed is an innovative and sustainable product from Austria! I can say from personal experience that my children really slept better - so purchasing a Bennis's Nest crib was the logical conclusion for us as a family.

I can say from experience that my children really slept better in this special cot.

Dr. Alexander Just

How important is sleep for pregnant women? Women often have problems finding restful sleep during pregnancy. What advice do you give them? What advice do you give them after pregnancy?

Getting enough sleep is extremely important during pregnancy. To wind down in the evening, it's better to stay off the TV and read a good book. Unfortunately, many babies become very active in the womb just when the mother-to-be lies down. A warm bath is always a good tip.

At Benni's Nest we attach great importance to non-toxic materials. Is this also an issue during pregnancy?

Exactly, the absence of harmful substances in materials is already an important issue during pregnancy. That's why the Bennis' Nest baby bed is highly recommended in my opinion.

TÜV geprüftes Babybett von Benni's Nest

Benni's Nest has developed a sophisticated ventilation system together with TÜV. Why is this so important, especially for newborns?

Just like sustainability and the use of non-toxic materials, this is also a reason for my recommendation.

Benni's Nest is very light and easy to carry around. How important is the topic of “lifting” and “carrying” after birth? Especially with cesarean sections. What should you pay attention to?

In general, proper lifting needs to be learned! We had two children very close together; it would certainly have been very inconvenient and tedious for my wife, who was already pregnant with the second at the time, if she had had to carry a heavier bed around. The Benni's Nest baby bed is really lightweight!

Proper lifting needs to be learned, especially during pregnancy and after birth.

Dr. Alexander Just

The protective form is a central theme in Benni's Nest. Can you perhaps explain this from a doctor's perspective?

I would almost say it looks like a womb - it offers the child just enough space to breathe freely but so much closeness that it feels security - just like in the uterus.

The Benni's Nest baby bed is a profitable investment in your children and their health!

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