Mit Benni's Nest unterwegs
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On the road with Benni's Nest

I'll pack my suitcase and take with me...

Travelling with a baby, even if just for a few hours, feels like taking a transatlantic voyage. Changing clothes and blankets, a change of clothes and bottles, a music box and cloth diapers, because parents want to be prepared for the worst case scenario. And the younger the child, the more exciting is the trip to grandma's in the country, the first night's stay in the alpine hut or a day of swimming at the lake.

Babybett aus Zirbenholz im Auto

A regular daily routine gives the children orientation, support and security - the sleep of these little loved ones plays a significant part in this daily routine. To make this as relaxing and safe as possible, Benni's Nest comes along. It comes with you to the lake for a day of swimming, where the baby can sleep comfortably in the shade. It comes with grandma to the country, where mom and dad enjoy a piece of cake while the child rests blissfully. And of course it comes with you on your first vacation and helps the baby to sleep protected and safe in a strange environment.

Darling, the trunk is full...

When traveling or traveling with babies, the normal small car trunk often reaches the limits of its capacity. And Benni's Nest should also come with you? Of course, because the luggage simply goes into the nest and then into the trunk. Benni's Nest measures 80 x 40 cm and is a real lightweight at 4.5 kilograms. Everything inside, close the lid and the exciting journey begins. And the scent of pine is on board.

You can smell security

The smell of fresh bread or yeast pastries wafts into our nostrils and a homely feeling immediately spreads. We smell the clothes of a loved one and butterflies dance in our stomach. When you enter a room, the smell is the main deciding factor in the first impression we form. And each of us has experienced what it feels like when you just can't smell something or someone.

Especially in babies, the sense of smell plays a crucial role and is already fully developed at birth, while other senses have yet to fully develop. This sense, which is so important to us, helps the newborn find its way to the mother's breast and even premature babies from the 28th week of pregnancy can recognize their beloved mother by smell.

Memories and emotions are strongly linked to smells and this is no coincidence - the olfactory center and memory are close together in the brain and an olfactory memory is particularly formed in the first three years of life. Years later, smells can trigger feelings in a person and so the circle closes and we are back at the pine tree.

The closed and protective shape of Benni's Nest envelops the little dreamers with the pleasant and calming scent of the pine and allows the baby to find the sleep they need even in unfamiliar surroundings. Security to take with you.

Babybett aus Zirbenholz im Garten
Vacation in your own bed

Vacation in your own bed

Whether in the mountain hut or in the hotel, the mattresses there have seen a lot. What a luxury if your little darling can spend his vacation in his own bed, because honestly, we would all like that.

Once the baby has outgrown it, you will probably no longer take the nest with you on holiday, but once you get home the familiar smell awaits. Because traveling is nice, but coming home is almost even nicer.

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