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gift for birth

It is an old tradition in Austria for newborns to be given presents by relatives, neighbors and friends. The Weisat, as this gift-giving is also called, probably has its origins at the birth of Christ, when the three holy kings bestowed small gifts on the child Jesus.

Where traditionally food and strengthening meals were given to the woman who has recently given birth, today it is mostly cuddly toys, rompers and diapers that are used to celebrate the birth of the newcomer. Everyone wants to get to know the newcomer and you don't want to stand there empty-handed.

Babybett weiterentwicklung zur Sitzbank

But often before the birth, as with many weddings, the household is complete. Parents are well prepared for the arrival of the new arrival, the clothes are ready and the changing table is filled. Many of these things don't have to be new, the first items of clothing only fit for a few weeks anyway and then look like they've never been worn - so it's more than practical to simply pass them on or save them for a sibling.

It has often proven useful to pool together as a group of friends or relatives for a larger gift, so you know that you are guaranteed to make the parents happy and that you don't have the 3rd rattle and the 5th cherry stone pillow lying around. For reasons of sustainability, you want to give as meaningfully as possible, and in this case a short consultation with the young parents is a smart idea. You can also surprise them with intangible gifts, such as a voucher for babysitting, a home-baked cake or simply a few rolls from the bakery that you leave in front of their door on a Sunday morning, so the (possibly) sleepless night will quickly be forgotten.


Benni's Nest accompanies a baby from birth until well into childhood. After the child grows out, the pine bed can become a chest, bench or bedside table in just a few simple steps. A gift for eternity. Maybe it's grandma and grandpa who give the new grandchild the special bed when it's born. Maybe it's the friends from the regulars' table or work colleagues who lay the (financial) foundation for baby sleep and who are usually really happy when the recipient expresses a wish.

In addition to Benni's Nest, you will find many useful things in our shop that can bring great joy to new parents. The bath towel made of organic cotton or the sleeping bag, also in organic quality, will definitely make mom and dad's hearts beat faster.

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bed bumper

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Sleeping bag for babies (0-6 months)
Sleeping bag for babies (0-6 months)

Sleeping bag for babies (0-6 months)

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Set of cot made of pine wood including mattress and slatted frame insert - sand

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