Mittagschläfchen ... auf Finnisch
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Afternoon naps... in Finnish

Every baby sleeps differently. In every family, but also in every culture, parents find different ways to give their baby a deep and sound sleep.

We at Benni's Nest always find it interesting how different parents help their babies to sleep deeply. Our grandma gave us one of her words of wisdom:

“Fresh and good air is part of a deep and healthy sleep.”

In order to put this wisdom into practice for our little ones, we opened the windows before their afternoon nap to create a well-ventilated room atmosphere. However, Scandinavian parents have a different approach.

Finnish babies sleep outside!

We know it: a walk in the fresh air and the soothing rocking often allows the baby to fall asleep peacefully. But when you get back home and the baby is still sound asleep, many parents leave the stroller on the terrace a little longer. In Scandinavian countries, such as Finland, people often skip walks and park their strollers outside.
There it is not uncommon to put the baby in the stroller, wrap it up warm and let it spend the lunchtime outside. This way of sleeping is almost a tradition in Scandinavian countries and even allows babies to sleep longer and more restfully.

The season doesn't play a big role either. That's why it's a normal sight in winter to see one or two strollers standing on a balcony or in front of a café. Parents make sure to wrap their baby warmly and equip the stroller appropriately for the weather. This means the child is protected from external influences such as wind, rain and snow.

Sleep in a familiar home

If the weather or temperature outside is not optimal and the child is sleeping in a familiar home, fresh air and air circulation are still an important part of deep, sound sleep. It's very simple and has been proven by studies such as those from the University of Technology in Eindhoven ( Netherlands ): Open windows lead to lower carbon dioxide levels - and that in turn means better sleep. Those who lie in bed with lower carbon dioxide concentrations sleep more deeply and have fewer interruptions in their sleep. However, heat exchange and general air circulation - especially for babies and children - should not be neglected. That's why we worked with midwives and doctors to integrate a well-thought-out ventilation system into our pine beds. The openings on the side parts of the mini bed and baby bed, the integrated slatted frame and the air-permeable natural mattress guarantee perfect air circulation. Oh yes, and the use of untreated pine wood from the Alps in the tried and tested “Benni's Nest style” makes it even nicer to sleep.

Benni's Nest Minibett aus Zirbenholz

Optimal air circulation and protective head and foot sections in the cot - Benni's Nest mini bed

Fixed slatted frame for the Benni's Nest children's bed

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