Die richtige Schlafbekleidung für das Baby
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The right sleepwear for the baby

A healthy and deep sleep is important for the development of the baby. The right sleepwear plays an important role in this. Many young parents wonder what to wear to their baby at night. In this article we have put together a few tips and recommendations for a restful baby sleep.
The right baby sleepwear for the given temperatures

The right baby sleepwear for the given temperatures

A safe and healthy sleep also includes the right temperature. When it comes to baby's sleepwear, it's not just the season that needs to be taken into account, but also the room temperature.

Dressing your baby too warmly or too coolly at night brings with it many dangers. If it is wrapped too thickly, heat can quickly build up because babies' cooling mechanisms are not yet fully developed. Overheating while sleeping is considered a safety risk in babies and newborns. In contrast, drafts or sleeping clothing that is too light can lead to hypothermia. However, the baby usually wakes up and reacts by whining.

Now the question arises: how do you check whether the baby is dressed appropriately?

How do I find out if the baby is properly dressed?

You can quickly check the baby's temperature sensitivity using simple methods. The neck and stomach are suitable parts of the body for checking. Legs and hands are often a little cooler and do not reflect the actual temperature feeling.

The neck test

The neck test

One of the most proven and simplest methods is the neck test. It can be used at any time by placing your finger on the baby's neck. If it is sweaty or sticky, it is a sign that the baby is dressed too warmly. Ideally, the neck should be pleasantly warm and dry.

Touch check

In addition, the heat check can also be done on the stomach. The same rule applies!

If there are signs of sweating, rapid breathing, red cheeks or a red heat rash, it is important to remove a layer of clothing from the baby. To be on the safe side, you should check repeatedly after a few minutes whether the temperature has regulated.

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What to look for when choosing baby sleepwear?

The perfect bedroom temperature for a baby is 16°-20°C. The golden rule when it comes to baby sleepwear is a breathable and temperature-regulating material. Dressing the baby for the night using the onion principle is very advisable for quick undressing or dressing.

The onion principle

The onion method helps to find the right balance between temperature and sleeping clothes. The baby is dressed in several thin layers based on the room temperature. After the thermal tests that have already been explained, the clothing can be quickly adjusted as required.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are generally ideal for baby sleep. They can't be kicked off, fit well and don't cover your face. Our Benni's Nest sleeping bag made of organic cotton has a moisture-regulating effect and prevents overheating. The fit offers enough freedom of movement and a good fit on the shoulders. The two-way zip also makes it easy to put on and take off when changing at night.


The mattress is also an important element in preventing overheating. It supports air circulation and heat exchange. Our natural mattresses made of coconut and sheep's wool fleece are breathable and make a significant contribution to a healthy and safe baby's sleep.

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